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Watad Group, a leader in the technology sector, has made a significant impact on Project Qatar 2024, showcasing cutting-edge advancements through its subsidiaries Watad Connect and Watad Netka. The event, held from May 27 to May 30 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, saw a convergence of industry leaders and tech enthusiasts from around the globe.

Showcasing Technological Innovation

Watad Connect, a subsidiary of Watad Group, featured their latest advancements in IoT Sensors, engineered to meet the increasing demands of interconnected devices and smart systems in Qatar. These sensors are designed to handle extensive data processing providing seamless integration and real-time data analytics for smart city initiatives, industrial automation, and other IoT applications.

Additionally, Watad Netka, another subsidiary of Watad Group, unveiled its comprehensive Digital System Solutions. These solutions range from digital infrastructure development to advanced AI-powered applications, all tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries operating in the Middle East region. By adopting an integrated approach, Watad Group aims to help businesses streamline their operations, enhance data management, and achieve higher levels of productivity and security.

Throughout the exhibition, Watad Group engaged with numerous industry leaders, showcasing the practical applications of their technology through interactive displays and live demonstrations. The team also participated in several networking events and panel discussions, sharing insights on the region’s future of IoT and digital systems.

“Project Qatar 2024 has been an incredible opportunity for us to demonstrate our latest technological innovations and connect with industry leaders and potential clients. Our focus on IoT Sensors through Watad Connect and Digital System Solutions through Watad Netka underscores our commitment to supporting the digital transformation journey of businesses in Qatar and beyond. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency, connectivity, and growth,” said Mr. Amer Alsbeihi, COO of Watad Group.

About Watad Group

Established in Qatar in 2012, Watad Group has transcended the conventional boundaries of Digital Solutions. Renowned as technical pioneers and strategic visionaries, we go beyond typical IT solutions, offering a spectrum of services that redefine digital landscapes. From meticulous system integrations to groundbreaking software development, our commitment to innovation extends to Smart City Solutions, Managed IT Services, Data Privacy initiatives, Integrated Facilities Maintenance, and Sustainable Energy Saving solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we leverage our technical prowess to craft customized pathways for clients, serving as change agents that guide them toward their goals.

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