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About Watad

Redefining Excellence, Shaping Tomorrow: Your Strategic Partner in Innovation and Beyond.

Established in Qatar since 2012, Watad Group is a trailblazing leader in innovative technological systems and intelligent service solutions, transcending conventional boundaries.

Our commitment to excellence extends to Smart City Solutions, Managed IT Services, Data Privacy initiatives, Integrated Facilities Maintenance, and Sustainable Energy Saving solutions.

At Watad, we're more than a company; we're a partner in progress, committed to driving success with cutting-edge solutions.

Watad, rooted in Qatar, specializes in crafting customized solutions for tech, security, and aviation, catering to various sectors with innovation and excellence. Its multi-national team brings forward-thinking strategies to meet diverse industry needs.

Watad delivers bespoke solutions in IT, security systems, and aviation, including intelligent baggage and security screening, for multiple industries, emphasizing innovation and client satisfaction.

Leveraging a skilled multinational workforce and deep industry insights, Watad combines cutting-edge technology with strategic partnerships to craft tailored, innovative solutions.

Our Promise

Innovating Excellence

At Watad, we believe excellence means continuously innovating to redefine standards across all we do. Whether perfecting complex systems or advancing innovative technologies, we infuse excellence into every sector we touch by fostering a culture of innovation and empowering our people to break new ground. Our goal is to earn trust by surpassing expectations in everything from the smallest tasks to the largest projects.

Our Vision

Aspire to be the global leader in providing trusted digital solutions for businesses across
diverse sectors, establishing industry benchmarks for innovation and excellence.

Our Mission

To empower businesses in Qatar and beyond with cutting-edge technological solutions
that enhance efficiency and innovation. We strive to be the most trusted solutions partner in our
client’s success, contributing to our community and advancing technology for a brighter future.

Our Values

Committing to Excellence Through Our Shared Values


Driven by innovation, we relentlessly pursue progressive solutions, positioning us at the vanguard of technological advancement for our clients.


At our core, we embody integrity — the fusion of unwavering reliability and relentless pursuit of excellence. This defines our identity, fostering trust and driving our success.


Watad Group is dedicated to positively impacting the community. We engage in initiatives that contribute to societal welfare, emphasizing the importance of giving back and fostering community growth.


Unyielding in our dedication to safety, we cultivate an environment where safety consciousness is paramount, assuring peak care and protection in every aspect of our work.

Equality and Diversity

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of equal opportunity, value a diverse global workforce, and nurture collaborative partnerships across borders, believing that these elements are crucial to our mission and vision.


Guided by a commitment to the environment, our operations are geared towards sustainable practices that reduce our impact and foster a greener future.

Message From Our CEO

As CEO of Watad, I am proud to lead a company deeply committed to shaping a sustainable and innovative future in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

At Watad, we blend cutting-edge technology with our rich heritage, driving progress in sectors ranging from aviation to energy. Our team, a blend of seasoned experts and vibrant local talent, is the cornerstone of our success. We prioritize not only technological advancement but also social responsibility and community development. Our mission is to continuously explore new horizons, fostering partnerships that push the boundaries of what’s possible, and delivering solutions that benefit both our clients and the broader community.

At Watad, we don’t just adapt to the future; we create it.

Fatima Darwish A D Al-Darwish

Chief Executive Officer

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