Watad is primarily a solutions provider for diverse business ventures and our key strength lies in the ability to source and develops solutions to demand and offer them to the client.  Over the years Watad has successfully produced a varied profile of products and services with a number of providers locally and internationally, empowering Watad to be a distinctive expert consultant in client solutions. However, Watad’s capacity is not restricted to innovative developments in the areas of IT, Special Systems, Security systems, Aviation solutions such as Intelligent Baggage Handling, Security screening solutions, hardware and software processes. We strive to be the one-stop Intelligence Solutions Provider to Aviation, Ports, Hospitality, Education Facilities and the Oil and Gas Industry in Qatar.

Integrated in Qatar for over two decades, Watad is owned by Ms Fatima Darwish AD AL-Darwish, daughter of Darwish Abdullah Darwish D Al Darwish. With a team of highly skilled and well-trained professionals, WATAD management has over 100 years of combined operational experience. At present, the company employs a multinational task force.


The origin of Watad Group of Companies lies within the strong foundation set forth by the Darwish Group of Companies in the year 1920.

The beginning of the millennium saw the emergence of superior developments in Qatar. Which in turn gave rise to the need of a novel expert entity, dedicated to the purpose of cutting edge IT technology and intelligent system services. Over the past few decades, Qatar has undergone a remarkable transformation in terms of economic growth and development.

Watad Group Enterprises was created in 2012 with a vision to develop and provide unparallel support by affiliating with professionals and specialist of a wide spectrum thereby reeling them into one powerful business entity. Our active participation with government agencies, consultants, system integrators, contractors and architects allow us to successfully venture into innovative projects and craft meaningful relationships.

The word “Watad” means Wedge. Founded under the patronage of Mr. Darwish Abdullah D Al Darwish, the aim of the company was to provide integral support to Qatar in all areas of growth and progress. The inauguration of Hamad International Airport (HIA) in the year 2014 gained momentum to Mr. Darwish’s vision. Watad with the collaboration of its partners was and still is instrumental in projects just as Airfield Lighting, IT, Network, and Facility Management at Hamad International Airport (HIA).  

Fast forward to today, Watad Group has a diversified portfolio under its umbrella. Our presence is felt all across Qatar and Africa as we progress steadily across Asia, firmly instituting Watad as a trusted global brand. With Watad Advanced Technologies and Watad Supplies & Services as the strengthening pillars, Watad is a conglomerate that strives to create a self sustained environment in the global business realm.


Watad employs a highly qualified team of engineers and system analysts who possess the in depth awareness in current aviation environment and can work under elevated pressure. The team is able to design and develop new IT systems to client preferences thereby, making it a unique customized product. With decades of experience in the local market in supply of logistics and local operations for its subsidiaries, Watad is able to provide 360 degrees cost-effective solutions to clients. Watad upholds a distinguished reputation for no downtime on any of our projects and the 100% success rate on delivering solutions on time. Reinforced with 24hr available in house IT extraordinaire, the following are a few of our capabilities:

  • Active Network Equipment
  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • IP Telephony
  • Master Clock
  • Expertise in other Airport Systems
  • Professional Services
  • Terminal Operations Centers (TOC)
  • Radio Communications
  • IT Helpdesk Management
  • Network Management
  • Security Systems
  • Server Management
  • Backup Restoration and Storage Management
  • Patch Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Airport Wide System Testing (AWST)

Watad Supplies and Services

Focuses on corporate governance, logistical support, legal certification and licenses, contact and communication with local authorities, joint venture partners and key stakeholders; including overall company policy and strategy and company culture. Our services are critical in supporting the core business, which includes sales support, product and services marketing, research and development, as core functionalities ultimately differentiating our business from others.

Our activities cover both decision support and financial planning and reporting (FP&R) services that directly support and influence the company’s core competencies (sales, marketing, planning and product development). Our staff will often sit alongside the business development managers and partners and in some project cases, they are pooled at the “Group” level, where executive decisions are being made. This helps in making fast decisions and leveraging the economics of the scale and eliminating duplication of roles and efforts.

Watad International

Qatar’s International investment strategy is accelerating. Watad International was established as a means to provided support to internationally expanding services. The sector was inaugurated predominantly as a consequence of the new Bugesera airport in Rwanda, which is still under construction.

Watad International works to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our clients. Our services support the core business and set the organization in prime position to have a strong foothold in the market. We commence due diligence, strategic planning and implementation. Thus, ensuring asset potential is maximized through meticulous planning throughout all phases of advancement. Additionally, the move will also pay off for all parties in the long run.

Our pledge is rigorous commitment and focus to ensure we comprehensively support and become an integral part of our client’s investments. At Watad, our optimum priority is your development goals.




“With Qatar at the forefront of development, it was a necessity and a responsibility to establish an entity that focused on innovative technological systems. I established “Watad Group Enterprises” to expand opportunities for the youth who are the torch bearers of the future so that they may benefit from the proficiency in the most advanced technology and utilize that awareness toward the countries evolution.

The aim of  Watad is to consolidate my legacy and expertise into the modern era to bring about the best possible solutions to Qatar’s budding needs. Watad’s vision is also to be identified as an entity that provides innovative solutions not only in Qatar but the Middle East and across other continents in the future.

Women hold prominent roles in Qatar. Be it  economic or political decision making. Women leaders are motivated by a sense of purpose and their belief that their company could have a positive impact on the community, employees, and the world around them. Hence my decision of handing over Watad Group Enterprises to my daughter, Fatima A D AL- Darwish. Greater diversity brings new perspectives on markets and improved problem-solving skills. It also facilitates critical thinking. It is also proven to increase firm innovation through a diverse board’s ability to respond more creatively to changes in global markets and customer needs. Under with the skillful guidance of Mr Amer A Alsbeihi, Chief Operating Officer and the efficiency of the cautiously chosen management,  Watad Group Enterprises  strives to become an integral part of the success story of Qatar and our clients”

— Darwish Abdullah D AL-Darwish


As I firmly grasped the reins from my father, Darwish Abdullah D AL Darwish, supported by the robust management of Watad Group, I venture into the corporate world . To develop the company in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 is the mission sought. “I truly believe of investing in  people and  partnership with professionals. Our people are our strength. Our management, staff and business development team must be culled from an elite dedicated group of veterans, young and homegrown talent, which we aspire to develop.  Thereby enabling a fully sustainable entity in Qatar with cutting edge technology that is accessible to everyone and one that will distinguish us from our competitors. 

As a young woman entrepreneur, I believe in achieving equality. We understand that investing in youth leadership will not only change the trajectory of their future, but that of the communities as well. We are in constant pursuit of seeking new technology and prospects to partner with, thus enabling us an enhanced portfolio to offer unique solutions to the community.

— Fatima Darwish A D AL-Darwish




The Main Contractor for IT infrastructure networking / Command Control Systems at HIA for over 6 years.

Baggage screening

Recently Awarded the State of Art “Baggage Screening Systems” at HIA provided by provided by Vanderlande at DIA.

RFID System

Installed and supplied the Intelligent RFID systems at Hamad International airport and Doha International Airport.


One of the Main Contractors for Facilities Management at HIA and Rwanda (Kigali).

Baggage Handling

Recently Awarded Intelligent “Baggage Handling Systems” provided by Vanderlande Ind at DIA.


Currently in preparation to seek opportunities with MATAR in two key projects; “Construction & Airport infrastructure solutions” for Rwanda(Kigali) International Airport.

U.S. Commercial Service

Watad is also registered at the U.S. Commercial Service in Qatar part of the American Embassy as a preferred partner for US companies looking to invest in Doha.