WELCOME TO WATAD GROUP ENTERPRISES READY TO INNOVATE? A proven Market Leader in supporting Infrastructure, Technical and Operations requirements of “Logistical & Transport systems.

Welcome to watad group enterprises

We strongly believe that our strength lies in our people. Our management, business development and engineering teams form an elite group of veterans with decades of insight and experience. Through their visionary leadership, Watad Group Enterprises has evolved to accommodate a team of professional marketing and technical support engineers and associated business partners.

Our presence is felt all across Qatar and Africa as we progress steadily across Asia, firmly instituting Watad as a trusted global brand. With Watad Advanced Technologies and Watad Supplies & Services as the strengthening pillars, Watad is a conglomerate that strives to create a self sustained environment in the global business realm.

Think of your daily life.
Chances are that you used a product developed by us!


A fully-fledged IT hub at Hamad International Airport (HIA) operating 24/7.


Skeletal Operations of BIM support for Qatar Rail.


Providing State of Art solutions to Logistics and transit hubs to Hamad International Airport - HIA.


Delivering the right expertise to boost airport performance (Netka, RFID) at Hamad International Airport - HIA.


Fully functional security screening system at Hamad International Airport

Baggage Handling System

A fully operational Security screening system, Baggage handling system, RFID at Doha International Airport.


Unparalleled business intelligence support at Hamad International Airport - HIA.

TRaffic system

Supporting Qatar’s vision of infrastructure upgrade not limited to Airport but also Rail, Port and Integrated Traffic Systems at Qatar Rail.

To develop local talent in line with Qatar National Vision 2030 to build a fully sustainable IT and special intelligent system Hub in Qatar, thereby supporting communities and making advanced technology accessible to nationals and expats in Qatar.

To be the one stop IT and special Intelligent Systems provider in Qatar primarily catering to Aviation, Ports, Hospitality, Education Facilities and the Oil and Gas Industry and develop key solutions to grow as the principal IT hub in the middle east.


We observe a well-thought-out plan that includes the right policies and procedures to ensure they meet compliance requirements in a timely manner. Compliance with the law, accountability and fairness makes for a successful alliance with our clients & stakeholders.


The success of our trade is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers and shareholders. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty, fairness and reaching company goals solely through honourable conduct. Safe working practices, ethically managing supply chains and sustainable development are steps towards improving social welfare. At Watad, we believe that gender equality in the workplace breeds higher job satisfaction, which, in turn, increases employee engagement and performance.


Our strength lies in our ranks. With many of our trusted partners scattered across the globe, we adopt and absorb the best practices to drive our business forward.


We value our diversity. Our passion towards our people, makes us who we are. We thrive in a culture that respects, acknowledges and benefits from each other’s diverse talents and capabilities.


We constantly collaborate with our clients. Our persistent determination to cater to the needs of our clients, irrespective of how difficult the challenge is or how long the process takes, makes us the preferred partner in our client’s progress.


Decades of experience and wisdom forges our present and our future. From Father to Son, our founders have instilled traditions and wise insight that seeps into our progress and mold our existence.



Watad Supplies & Services

Watad Supplies and Services Focuses on corporate governance, logistical support, legal certification and licenses, contact and communication with local authorities, joint venture partners and key stakeholders; including overall company policy and strategy and company culture.


Watad Advanced Technologies

Watad Advanced Technologies offers State-of-the-Art technology that caters to Stringent Homeland Security and Forensics Technology Requirements, specifically Designed for the Government Sector, to manage and mitigate the myriad of security threats that are inherent and unique to a country’s environment.


Watad International

Qatar’s International investment strategy is accelerating. Watad International was established as a means to provide support to internationally expanding services.  The sector was inaugurated predominantly as a consequence of the new Bugesera airport in Rwanda, which is still under construction.

Our reputation as a trusted solution provider has given us continued growth and success in the security industry.