Watad Supplies
and services


Watad is primarily a solutions provider for diverse business ventures and our key strength lies in the ability to source and develops solutions to demand and offer it to the client.  Over the years Watad has successfully produced a varied profile of products and services with a number of providers locally and internationally, empowering Watad to be a distinctive expert consultant in client solutions.

Watad Supplies and Services Focuses on corporate governance, logistical support, legal certification and licenses, contact and communication with local authorities, joint venture partners and key stakeholders; including overall company policy and strategy and company culture.

Industry leaders

Our services are critical in supporting the core business, which includes sales support, product and services marketing, research and development, as core functionalities ultimately differentiate our business from others.

Our activities cover both decision support and financial planning and reporting (FP&R) services that directly support and influence the company’s core competencies (sales, marketing, planning and product development).

Our staff will often sit alongside the business development managers and partners and in some project cases, they are pooled at the “Group” level, where executive decisions are being made. This helps in making fast decisions and leveraging the economics of the scale and eliminating duplication of roles and efforts.

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