Advanced technologies


Watad is primarily a solutions provider for diverse business ventures and our key strength lies in the ability to source and develops solutions to demand and offer them to the client.  Over the years Watad has successfully produced a varied profile of products and services with a number of providers locally and internationally, empowering Watad to be a distinctive expert consultant in client solutions

Watad Advanced Technologies offers State-of-the-Art technology that caters to Stringent Homeland Security and Forensics Technology Requirements, specifically Designed for Government Sector, to manage and mitigate the myriad of security threats that are inherent and unique to a country’s environment.

State-of-the-Art technology

Our reputation as a trusted solution provider has given us continued growth and success in the security industry. We have the capabilities to provide both, end-users and integrators relevant, best of breed automation and security technologies, turnkey solutions and professional services to meet the growing demands in the marketplace.

We have enabled numerous Private and Governments Sector customers from major industries, such as Financial Institutions, National Information Communication and Technology Centres, as well as Government Transportations Enterprises, Justice Departments, Police and Military, to optimize their security investments and proactively protect their assets from potential cyber threats.

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