Welcome to Watad Group of Companies.

The origin of Watad Group of Companies lies within the strong foundation set forth by the Darwish Group of Companies in the year 1920. A true visionary at the time, Abdullah Al­Darwish Fakhroo established successful operations in shares and investments in financial institutions that evolved and spread across industries such as trading, automobiles, property development, construction and contracting, hotels, travel and tourism all across the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Abdullah portrayed the makings of a great leader in spearheading the growth of the Darwish of Group of Companies across the Gulf.

The early nineties bear witness to the genesis of Darwish Trading & Investments, a company that has thrived throughout the years and to date, serves as the center of operations of Darwish Abdullah Al­Darwish, the eldest son of Abdullah Al­Darwish Fakhroo. Darwish Trading & Investments is the point of convergence for several product and professional services that acquire rewarding local businesses, international stocks and real­estate investments.

Fast forward to 2012. Watad Group Enterprises is created with a vision to develop alongside Darwish and provide unparalleled support by reeling in the specialist of a wide spectrum of professional companies and specialists into one powerful business entity. Our active participation with government agencies, consultants, system integrators, contractors and architects allow us to successfully venture into innovative projects and create meaningful relationships.

To day, Watad Group has a diversified portfolio under its umbrella. Our presence is felt all across the Middle East and spread into the Asian and European continents making us a global brand. With Watad Advanced Technologies and Watad Supplies & Services as the strengthening pillars, Watad is a conglomerate that strives to create a self­sustained environment in the global business realm.

President's Message


Our strength and pride reside in the people who contribute their efforts to our cause. Loyal, determined and talented, these individuals bring in knowledge from all four corners of the world and specialize in their field to give our clients the solution they require. Through our diverse portfolio of solutions, we introduce exciting innovations for a spectrum of fields.

The word ‘Watad’ is derived from the Arabic word for an instrument that secures and pulls all elements together. We take pride in announcing that our companies are the amalgamation of a diversified portfolio of services that are unified under one vision. Over the years, we have expanded beyond the region’s borders, well across Europe and Asia to provide high, value­added service to our clients. Our networks and global integrations steer our promise to add value to our clients by creating powerful partnerships that leverage our core competencies and growth.

At Watad, we believe that innovation is an art that allows us to reach far beyond the requirements of today. We challenge ourselves to pursue answers to two important questions, “What is needed?” and “How can it be done?” to form solutions that are a direct result of innovation, determination and experience. Darwish Abdullah Al­Darwish


We invest in people, partnerships and professionals. Our eagerness to learn and challenge unimaginable complexity gives us the competitive edge.


We derive innovative change that is valued by our clients.

Client Centric

We constantly collaborate with our clients. Our persistent determination to cater to the needs of our clients, irrespective of how difficult the challenge is or how long the process takes, makes us the preferred partner in our client’s progress.

Strength in Diversity

We value our diversity. Our passion towards our people, makes us who we are. We thrive in a culture that respects, acknowledges and benefits from each other’s diverse talents and capabilities. Each individual is a valuable asset to us and contribute to our growth.

Tradition Prevails

Decades of experience and wisdom forges our present and our future. From Father to Son, our founders have instilled traditions and wise insight that seeps into our progress and mold our existence.

A Global Network

Our strength lies in our ranks. With many of our trusted partners scattered across the globe, we adopt and absorb the best practices to drive our business forward.

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